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big obrigado June 4th, 2009

Fresh home from Portugal. Big “obrigado” to Paulo Monteiro for organizing the festival in Beja and spoiling all us guests! On the left, a sketch
André Caetano made of me (looking intense & scruffy) during my talk with Pedro Moura. And on the right, a glimpse of Beja from the castle.

Beja’s a charming, laid-back city a couple hours outside of Lisbon and the festival is cozy and friendly and flowing with endless pitchers
of wine and sangria. Most of all, it was a great honor to spend time with the guest and local cartoonists. Below is Pedro Burgos and I
on the streets of Lisbon. Now I’m good and fueled to get back to work on HABIBI!

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  1. Dan Says:

    it may seem hypocritical but it strikes me as shameful to tag buildings and trolleys as beautiful as the european ones.

  2. Diane Says:

    I envy you.So MUCH. RIGHT NOW!

    In all seriousness, it looked like a fabulous time. And Lisbon’s one of the places on my life list I intend to go.

    Looking forward to Habibi, but you already knew that :)

    And I’m afraid I disagree with the comment above. Seeing the tags shows me the human element is there, and that is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Somehow, it wouldn’t look quite right WITHOUT all that stuff tagged on it.

  3. daniel og Says:

    as promissed:
    muitos azuleijos em portugal. espero que você tenha gostado da viajem.
    espero que a próxima seja pro Brasil!

  4. Jamie S. Rich Says:

    Welcome back, Pumpkin!

  5. annet Says:

    lucky you, some people have to spend their time studying history of graphic design, and don’t even have the money for a train ticket to the seaside 😛

    i hope you had a lot of fun and came back with loads of energy!

  6. Fiwipa Says:

    oh come on!!! no autographs in Lisbon?? me really really upset!! Beja was quite far, if you don’t have a car :(

  7. cool-slayer Says:

    Glad you had a good time in Beja! If only I had been able to go… Next time don’t forget my tip: come to Oporto! 😉

  8. Hugo Teixeira Says:

    Hi Craig, I want to thank you for the lovely night we spent playing snooker with Lino. In the future I want a rematch (we ended up tied) 😀 It was one of the coolest night in the last couple of months.

    And for all your sympathy and support. Looking forward to see more from Habibi.

    Keep up the awesome work 😉

    Oh! If you are a photographer collector I can send you some pictures, just email and ask.

  9. Matthew Says:

    oh, how i envy you when i see the travel pics :(

  10. amelia Says:

    quel droll chapeau!

  11. Fábio Moon Says:

    So you started to practice your portuguese? Next stop: Brazil?
    Best from São Paulo.

  12. Jenny O Says:

    Diggin’ the hat, my man.

  13. craig Says:

    Whoa — Happy 33rd Birthday to Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá! And miss surfing with you, Jenny O!

  14. Mario Cau Says:

    I make Fabio’s words mine:
    Hope to see you here in Brazil!
    Blankets has just ben released here, and it’s a beautiful edition!!
    Best wishes!

  15. Efrain Garcia Says:

    We wil wait you here in Brazil soon!
    Best wishes!

  16. Diogo Campos Says:

    We’re the ones who have to thank you for your kindness!
    I was sad for having to leave during your talk but glad you liked your stay. Hope we can meet you again someday for a rematch:P
    Hurry up with Habibi! I can’t wait to read it!

  17. Camilo Solano Says:

    Hey Craig!!
    You’ve got a new fan in Brazil of you and yours works…It’s me!!

    I have just finished Blankets, and I’ve got say…I loved it!!
    I found a lot of me in Blankets…And cried a lot…Can you believe that??I cried like a baby…

    Thanks for that!!

    I’m also a drawer…But I’m new on that world of comics…
    I study Design here in Brazil…

    Hope to see you here sometime…


  18. Pedro Burgos Says:

    Hi Craig,
    I hope you had a good flight back home.

    Great picture of you, the trolley and my bald head (next time I’ll wear a nice hat)! Don’t forget to send me this one and some of the others.

    Did you visit the castle?

    Many thanks for adding a link to my website – this is, probably, the most famous I’ll get!

    Best, Pedro + Isabel

  19. Flávio Says:

    Hi, this is Flávio from Brazil. I just finished reading Blankets this weekend and I enjoyed very much. Congratulations for this very honest and sensitive masterpiece.

  20. Ines Says:

    We are the ones who have to thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed your stay in Beja! 😀
    Thank you so much for coming!

    And thank you for the autograph you gave me 😀 (I’m one of the artists of the comic group from the festival, the one who draws manga eheh)

    Thanks again, and, can’t wait for Habibi :)

  21. rachel Says:

    glad you are feeling better craig x

  22. rachel Says:

    on pedros site the bird takes you back to the home page, just like on yours. who copied who?

  23. Patrick Says:

    i enjoyed your novel blankets and i also liked the great artwork in it.

  24. JOBA Says:

    Ho NO!
    I Live in Lisbon and I missed You!!!
    Oh well. Is for the next time

  25. Ronda Says:

    Dear Craig,
    I know you are quiet busy -and I am very happy about the reasons why :D- but still, I couldn’t resist to TAGG you!
    What does it mean?
    For a year, between the french comic blogs, a game has started that has no name but does have rules! Here they are:
    1/You have to put the rules on your blog
    2/You have to put the name of the person who tagged you on your blog
    3/You have to evokes six habits, minuscule details etc about you
    4/You have to TAGG six more people
    5/You have to let them know personnally you did so.
    As I leave in America now, I couldn’t resist to try to open this game to more this country and couldn’t think of someone else than you for the perfect start!! Hopefully this will be your break between two pages for Habibi!!

  26. Eduardo Medeiros Says:

    Hey Craig!

    you must come to Brazil as Fabio sayed!

    I finish blankets today and it really amazing.

    all the best,

  27. ulf k. Says:

    Hi Craig, I am sure you had a nice time in Beja. All are so kind there at the festival. I was there two years ago and it was such a pleasure ( ).
    All the best from germany

  28. may shida Says:

    hey! I am in w/ Fabio Moon and Eduardo Medeiros: come to Brazil. At least to chill out after Habibi release. Blankets and Goodbye Chunky Rice amuse me every single time I read [again]. I wonder if u’ve had the chance to meet José Carlos Fernandes in Portugal…
    Best wishes

  29. scott topping Says:

    hey craig,
    i thought i’d let you know that i’m teaching blankets this semester as part of my contemporary american literature class. can’t wait to see what the reactions will be next week. you follow toni morrison’s beloved, so you’re in very good company.

  30. Alexandre Silveira Says:

    Hi Craig!

    Thank you for “Blankets”, your story is incredible. I just finished reading, and I loved it.

    As said before, hope you come to Brazil soon, maybe next year in FLIP (Paraty International Literary Fair) !

    Best wishes from Brazil,

    Alexandre Silveira – Rio de Janeiro

  31. cool-slayer Says:

    Hey Craig!

    Just to let you know, I was happy to be able to see your work on a gallery here in Porto, Portugal. I didn’t manage to go to Beja, but this felt like a little reward! I already thought your work was incredible, but after seeing it live I was kind of speechless, it’s even more amazing. I also bought one of your signed giclées, and it looks fantastic.

    I took a little photo at the gallery, if you want to see:

    Keep being great! :)

    Carla – Porto

  32. André Caetano Says:

    Hello Craig!

    It was such a thrill to see my drawing of you, on your blog!
    Wil you return to Portugal? Or near? Like barcelona?
    Can’t wait to read Habibi! From the previews you show, it seems to be inspiring, like all your work!

    All the best!

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