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oregon-style September 30th, 2008

When I’m not drawing comics, I’m a flying lumberjack.

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  1. WAM Says:

    HEY me too!

  2. guyha Says:

    check out those muscles! whew!

  3. Shannon Smith Says:

    Are those pics from that new Wolverine movie?

  4. Arlene Says:

    Keeping the world safe from savage dendriforms!

  5. groze Says:

    Flying lumberjacks kick major arse.

  6. Jordi Says:

    Can’t tell anything about the pics! :)

  7. Jackson Says:

    It’s pretty much the same thing though, really. Lumberjack…artist…

  8. Courtney Drew Says:

    chopping trees is indeed an art form.

  9. justin Says:

    thats funny. i actually did that last week while camping.
    its pretty hard. props for the flying aspect of it tho

  10. czina Says:

    i am sure that the super-magical-save-the-world heroe power is hidden in that blue hood. am i wrong?

  11. Fabian Says:

    that’s what i guessed.

  12. Sam Alden Says:

    I’m in love with my state once again.

  13. Esteve Says:

    Hey Ninja Woodsman! I know you really took those photos in your studio and just put the rest together with photoshop, yes?

  14. Karen Says:

    Talented artist? Check.
    Kind of a dork? Check.
    Smoking hot bod? Check.
    Marry me!

  15. MariNaomi Says:

    I’m a little bit scared of you, Craig.

  16. Tessa Says:

    I’m guessing this means “Oregon-style” is synonymous with “shirtless-ninja-style”. Which means I think everyone TOTALLY needs to start doing things in their life, Oregon-style.

  17. Mario Cau Says:



  18. Dirk Deppey Says:

    Talented artist? Check.
    Kind of a dork? Check.
    Smoking hot bod? Check.
    Marry me!

  19. Diego Says:

    Ja ja ja, funny.
    Imagine for a moment: the big final fight.
    Flying lumberjack VS Chuck Norris

  20. Lea Hernandez Says:

    He’s a lumberjack and he’s oh, HEY!

  21. april Says:

    do you ninja lumberjack around central oregon? if you’d ever like to make the trip over the mountain, i’m sure the Bend Public Library would love to have you as a speaker… drop me a line if you’re interested! aprilw at dpls dot us.

  22. Silus Grok Says:

    Oh my heck… you’re ripped!

    That completely blows the image I had of you.

    You’re not waify and emo.

    : )

  23. ahasver Says:

    what is so special about oregon that so many people living or working there are in my rss reader?
    i’ve never been to usa so probably i cannot understand

  24. Kurtie Birdie Says:

    You have such a hott bod!

  25. Kevin Carpenter Says:

    You always portray yourself as a scrawny nerd.

    But those are some fucking serious moves and some nice abdominal muscles.

  26. Kevin Carpenter Says:



  27. Kurtie Birdie Says:

    Yeah, Craig’s ink is of a wolf head with evergreen trees and a moon in the background. It’s really beautiful and looks almost like a pencil drawing!

  28. sisilly Says:

    brilliant flyght! :)

  29. Juliette Says:

    Ohh those are some wonderful action photos! I won’t say anything about your ‘hot bod’ cause I see other people already did so. 😛 ahahahaha

    Oh, your hat is cool as well :)

  30. J Says:

    Hot damn, we need more shirtless pics of you!

  31. Diane Says:

    Words fail me here. Aren’t you going to explain to us how your becoming a flying lumberjack happened?
    And my, do you look fit :) I couldn’t resist saying it since, you know, everyone else did.

  32. Kie Says:

    Can I come play too?

  33. Tionna Says:


  34. Ed Says:

    hahaha, what the fuck!?

  35. carissa Says:

    Man, I’ll just say what everyone else was afraid to say, I am totally masturbating right now.

    The number of boys I know that like to jump really high when they’re in the woods is astounding.

  36. Ashley Says:

    So let’s have a chat about your bulging biceps, thank you.

  37. Evan Says:

    @Craig: You are a complete badass.

    @ahasver: No one really knows how Oregon got so cool, but there is no arguing with it. Come visit and you will understand.

  38. weno Says:

    haha. great!!

  39. Lita Says:

    wowww great body, AWESOME WORK, you are and inspiration!

  40. Lita Says:

    upps! * an inspiration.!

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